Designer Skin Luminary

Luminary Tanning Lotion Luminary 25X Bronzer is part of the Black Label Private Reserve collection from Designer Skin and is considered a dark tanning lotion. It is currently our #1 overall recommendation for the best lotion because it has been a consistent best-seller for well over a year now and it has a very high number and ratio of positive reviews.

The inspiration for Designer Skin to create Luminary came from the success of Black 20X and Phoenician, two of their other best-selling lotions. They wanted to create the ultimate bronzer and accelerator in one formula, and they succeeded.

Luminary enables skin to reach its max bronzing levels and gives you that super dark tan you’ve been looking for. Magic Solar Silicone Emulsion has been blended into this super exotic tanning bed lotion to hydrate your skin while maintaining its perfect color. Revolutionary L.E.D (Light Engaged Defiance) Complex takes charge and runs the show by controlling free radicals and warding off their aggressors. L.E.D Complex truly is revolutionary when it comes to tanning and maintaining skin health. Soft Celestial Stardust is in charge of making sure skin achieves ideal dimensions and even color. This unique feature also makes sure that you don’t leave your tanning session without achieving that luxurious island glow. Skin will look and feel magnificent after your Luminary experience.

Luminary comes in a very sparkly blue bottle. DS says it has a Sweet Champagne Fizz scent, but most people say it smells like flowers or perfume (a very pleasant scent, even after your session). It comes in a 13.5 oz bottle which can sell for up to $120.00 at high-end salons.

Pauly D Bronze Beats

Pauly D Bronze Beats Get ready for the latest and greatest DHA-Free bronzer tanning lotion from Devoted Creations. They have an entire new Pauly D line of products for 2012, but Bronze Beats is the only natural bronzer.

Some tanners can have adverse reactions or allergies to DHA, and some just prefer to go the natural route, but either way this lotion has a lot more going for it than just a famous name.

Here are the main features of Bronze Beats: Multiple Accelerators, RevitaFit, Matrixyl, MelanoBronze Technology, Black Tea Extract, Silk Extracts, and FreshTek.

Basically what these ingredients do as a whole is give you fast, dark tanning results while toning, tightening and smoothing your skin. It contains an anti-aging complex to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the Black Tea Extract is a strong antioxidant that can help reduce blemishes and tiny imperfections in your skin.

The natural bronzers also continue to work long after your session stimulating melanin production to further deepen your tan.

The fragrance of this lotion has been reported as a light coconut scent that is not overbearing and is good for both guys and girls. Normal bottle size is 12.25oz and the full retail price is about $60.

Snooki Maximizer, Black Bronzer & Hot Tingle

Snooki Tanning Lotion Collection The 2012 Snooki Collection from Supre Tan (by Nicole Polizzi) features three unique lotions: an Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer, an Ultra Dark Black Bronzer, and an Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer. All 3 bottles have the same design but are different colors.

The Tan Maximizer lotion (in the gold bottle) does not contain any bronzers but still should give you nice dark color. Some people don’t like bronzers, and others can’t use them because of skin reactions, so it’s nice that you have the option with the Snooki line. If you’re new to tanning the maximizer lotion is a good place to start, and once you develop a bit of a base tan you can move up to the more intense lotions.

The Black Bronzer (in the black bottle) has pretty much the same description and ingredients as the maximizer, but with added Black Walnut, Henna and DHA bronzers. These allow your skin to continue to darken after your session for a super deep, dark tan.

The Hot Bronzer (in the pink bottle) is a combo bronzer + tingle tanning lotion formulated for experienced tanners looking to turn up the heat. It contains the same bronzer ingredients as the black bottle but also has added skin stimulators that create a hot tingling sensation on the skin. Tingle lotions can provide a rush of immediate color while the bronzers take their time and slowly make you darker. Some people don’t like the effect of tinglers so if you’ve never used one before use a little caution at first.

All 3 lotions utilize Supre‘s HyperDark Technology, which helps prepare your skin for UV exposure to aid in developing a rich golden color. They also contain a vitamin enriched skin conditioner to assist in providing a radiant, healthy-looking glow, and SoftChic moisturizers with coconut and sweet almond oil to leave you feeling hydrated, sexy and silky smooth. All Snooki lotions are also paraben-free.

This line is fairly new but the feedback so far has been great. Tanners are saying that these lotions are actually pretty good and the scents are pleasant as well. The retail price of these lotions is right around $60.00.

Designer Skin Black Noir 22X Bronzer

Black Noir Tanning Lotion Black Noir is a brand new 2012 tanning lotion from Designer Skin that they describe as a successor to Black 20X.

In you’re not familiar, Black 20X was the original “Black” lotion released a few years ago, but continues to be a best-seller today. It set the bar for other lotions to match, and many tried to, including a bunch that just tried to piggy-back off the success of the name (DS claims that 45 other products with a similar name have entered the market since its debut).

Fast forward a few years and we have Black Noir, a 22X Black Label Private Reserve bronzer lotion that contains ultra-pure DHA and Erythulose to get you super dark. Despite the fact that this product doesn’t have any hemp-based ingredients (which can provide ultimate moisturization) its Magical Silicone Emulsion will leave your skin radiant and silky smooth.

There are also ingredients in this lotion to help produce color faster and provide some anti-aging benefits. DS also boasts that their SunStay Technology and Fade Defying Formula help maintain and prolong the life of your tan.

Black Noir hasn’t been out very long at the time of this writing, but the feedback so far has been very positive. The fact that Designer Skin is positioning this lotion right there at the top among Luminary and Black 20X also adds to its credibility.

This lotion comes in a gold sparkly bottle and has a refreshing citrus scent with a twist. The standard 13.5oz bottle retails for $110.00 and 0.5oz sample packets can run upwards of $10-$15 each.

Supre Smoke Black Bronzer

Smoke Black Tanning Lotion Supre Smoke Black Bronzer indoor tanning lotion is one of the highest bronzers under the Smoke lotion line. Smoke comes in a variety of different intensities and bronzers all which are sold for a very affordable price. This is a tanning lotion with bronzer, which means you should wait a couple of hours before showering after tanning. If you shower immediately after your session you wont get the full darkness.

The black bronzer allows maximum results by continuing to darken the skin even after UV exposure. This is possible because it has a DHA self-tanning ingredient blended into it. DHA allows someone to get darker color up to 6 hours after tanning. Supre Smoke is specifically designed with botanical extracts which help hydrate skin and rejuvenate it after the intense UV exposure. It also has a special Skin Recovery System which induces your bodies natural abilities to make your skin look and feel it’s best.

Includes DHA For Extended Tanning Effect

Supre Smoke Black Bronzer has been developed to allow your skin to attain the darkest possible color it can. This is done with special intensified tan extenders and bronzers for longer lasting and darker tanning results. When tanning some lotions leave awful streaks and uneven spots throughout the body, but not with Smoke – just remember to wash your hands promptly after your session. This is a NO tingle tanning lotion and comes in packet or bottle form. The packets are usually between .5-.8 fl. oz. and the bottle is 10.5 fl. oz. The price of such a tanning lotion should average about $26/ bottle.

Supre Smoke Black Bronzer is a 2 in 1 maximizer and continues to enhance results for several hours after the initial UV experience. This is a lotion usually used by medium level tanners. One should always remember to take into consideration the type of skin you have before tanning or using any lotion. For example some people with fair skin get red easier and later develop a tan. This is just a warning regardless of the lotion you use. This does not happen to everyone, some people who tan easily will clearly develop a dark tan quickly. It all depends on your skin and tanning history. Regardless, using a good tanning lotion is highly recommended for darker results and protection of your skin. If you need a good, dark bronzer tanning lotion for a reasonable price this product would be highly recommended.

Designer Skin Black 20X

Black 20X Tanning Lotion Black 20X by Designer Skin is an ultimate bronzing body silk tanning bed lotion with mega magical silicone emulsion. This lotion belongs to Design Skin’s family of tanning bronzers and 20X is about as high as you can get. It practically melts into your skin and leaves you feeling lusciously smooth and soft. Others will look pale in your presence because of your deep, dark and rich bronze color after using this lotion. This lotion utilizes 3X mega melamax optimizing complex for sensational, dark tanning color, while the 2X opti-glow blend delivers a vibrant, radiant glow. SunStay technology and “fade defying” properties help maintain and prolong the life and beauty of your color while activated amino acids promote optimal bronze color. This bronzer lotion is one of the all-time most popular lotions and normally comes in a 13.5oz bottle with the fragrance of refreshing citrus. The retail price is right around $100.00.

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond

Pink DiamondPink Diamond by Swedish Beauty is the perfect gentle tingle and bronzing formula for serious tanners. This tanning lotion contains Swedish Beauty’s Tingleplex 2 Tingle and Reddening Factor which provides an immediate after-tan glow that allows tanners to feel and see their tan working immediately. Be sure to test this lotion on a small area on your body before applying it all over – some people find the tingle factor a bit intense. Pink Diamond also contains a natural bronzing extracts blend of botanical ingredients that provide immediate bronzed color. To really top it off it also features a Firmtone blend which is an anti-wrinkle, firming and slimming complex designed to visibly firm and contour the skin. Out of all the tanning lotion reviews we post this lotion is in our top 10. This tanning bed lotion had a gentle green citrus fragrance and the retail price is $30.00. Normal bottle size is 8.5oz.

Designer Skin Obsidian 30X Bronzer

Obsidian Bronzer Tanning LotionDesigner Skin Obsidian is the newest addition to Designer Skin’s line of indoor tanning lotions. It is a 2011 lotion and has some very intense ingredients. Enriched 30X Long Wear Bronzing Matrix combines insane bronzing power with endurance enhancing potency to allow achievement of the darkest, richest tan possible. This item not only enables the deepest most luxurious glow but also ensures that it will be long lasting. SunStay is an agent which is responsible for creating hydration. This is key because of the intense damage UV exposure can do. Precious Volcanic Minerals are combined with Thermal-Geo Energy to give skin immediate rejuvenation. Skin goes from looking dry, rough, wrinkled and damaged from the rays to instantly vibrant, glowing and youthful. Obsidian Extract is yet another item implemented to provide anti-aging and promote youthfulness. It concentrates on providing minerals from the Obsidian Extract to smooth, soften and revitalize the skin. This indoor lotion has a Luxury which warms your body and puts your mind at ease. It makes you feel as if you are on a tropical island sprawled out in the sun just taking in the rays. This indoor lotion uses unparalleled bronzing formulas and super intense hydrating and anti-aging serums to reach max tanning potential. Designer Skin Obsidian comes in a mostly black and a tiny bit of cream plastic tear drop shaped bottle. “Obsidian” is written in bold bubble letter black font in the center. “Warm Volcanic Minerals, With Thermal Geo-Energy and Sun Stay Hydration” is written towards the bottom in smaller cream bold font. It has a plastic black base and a cap. The cap has ridges on it for better gripping and twists open and closed. The container screams seduction, darkness and desire. It has a Caribbean mist scent and comes in a 13.5 oz bottle. Retail price: $126.00.

Designer Skin Phoenician

Phoenician Phoenician by Designer Skin is a brilliant intensifier/dark tanning lotion enhanced with Mega Magical Silicone and Color Enhancing Body Silk. Emboldened by the mythical symbol of immortality and rebirth, Designer Skin Phoenician Brilliant Dark Tanning Intensifier embellishes the world with gorgeous bronze grandeur and magnificent skincare. Infused with the Immortelle Extract, your luminous skin will sing praises while others worship your every golden step. Behold the Bronze Legend. Revolutionary Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion provides maximum hydration and promotes smooth, sinfully-soft skin. Color Enhancing Body Silk delivers the most gorgeous, deep dark color. Utilizes Mega Melamax™ Optimizing Complex for dramatic effect while Opti-Glow™ Blend delivers a healthy-looking, radiant glow without the use of DHA or cosmetic bronzers. Immortelle Extract, known for its astounding resiliency, helps fight free radicals, stimulates collagen production and cell renewal. This lotion is suitable for all skin types. The fragrance of this tanning lotion is Exotic Fresh Fig. Normal bottle size is 400 mL or 13.5oz and its retail price is not cheap at $92.00.

Australian Gold Sinfully Black

Sinfully BlackAustralian Gold Sinfully Black is a new 2010 tanning lotion and features the tanning businesses leading ingredients. It contains Deviously Dark Bronzers which provide for an exotic dark tone. This product has 15X bronzing and natural extracts which help in attaining a natural dark tan on your own. This is a bronzer which means you should usually wait a few hours after tanning before showering if you want to get optimal results. Sinful Skin Softeners focus on moisturizing and hydrating skin while making sure it is silky smooth as well. It uses vitamins and oils to create the super soft skin one will have after using the indoor tanning lotion. Usually UV exposure dries out skin and causes damage, which is why it is very important to make sure you moisturize if you don’t have a moisturizing agent in the formula. If you have the option to pick one that does have such elements included this tanning lotion would be a good choice. Sinfully Black also features Guilt-Free Hemp Oil which is yet another ingredient which assists in hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Just by looking at the amount of items placed in this product to maintain skin smoothness and softness one can understand how important it is to look out for your skin. Skin will feel healthy, toned and smooth after using this tanning salon lotion and your tan will be gorgeous! You will be the envy of your friends and coworkers and will radiate a relaxed golden glow. This product comes in an hour glass shaped plastic bottle. It is black and has a unique design filled with gold and grey colors. At the top of the container “Australian Gold” is written in white bold font and a koala bear with sunglasses is sitting on top of it. “SINFULLY” is written in small grey font in the center followed by “Black” in a brownish color. “Extreme Dominance 15X Deviously Dark Bronzing Lotion” is written towards the bottom in small grey and brown font. The cap is black, plastic and pops open and closed. It has a Temptuous Berry scent and comes in an 8.5 oz bottle. This hot 2010 commodity is on the cheap side and retails for $22.00.

Australian Gold JWoww Black Bronzer

JWoww Black Bronzer Australian Gold JWoww indoor tanning lotion is one of 2011’s hot new bronzing products on the market. It features a unique blend of bronzing agents such as Black Currant and Kukui oil. When you combine these two items you are guaranteed an ultra dark and super rich tan. It is always important to remember to hydrate your skin when exposing it to UV light. UV rays are not only unhealthy for your skin but also tend to dry it out, make it look rough and older. With all of that being said I think you can understand why it is essential to make sure your tanning lotion has the best vitamins and minerals to provide the deepest level of hydration. Australian Gold JWoww lotion implements vitamins and Hemp Seed Extract to moisturize skin and give it a luxurious smooth feel. This product has a Ballin’ Berry scent that will leave you smelling absolutely delicious after sitting in a heat box that makes you sweat! JWoww indoor lotion comes in a teardrop shaped black plastic bottle. It exudes a sultry and sexy feel with accents of gold throughout. There are paisley style decorations distributed in gold around the title of the lotion and towards the bottom of the bottle. In the center there is a gold plate-like design that says “JWOWW” in bold simple black font. Slightly lower “BLACK BRONZER” is written in simple thin gold font followed by the second gold paisley design mentioned earlier. The cap is plastic and see-through honey gold. It pops on and off to expose the lotion pump. This indoor tanning product comes in a 13.5 oz bottle and .5 fl. oz. packets. The retail price of this 2011 lotion is $50.00.