Hempz Herbal Moisturizer / After-Tan Body Lotion

Hempz MoisturizerIf you are looking for super soft silky skin and think most lotions are greasy, annoying or smell too girly then I have the perfect thing for you! For starters I am a girl but the lotion I am refering to is so amazing that even my boyfriend is in love with it!

Supre Hempz Moisturizer is the easiest stuff to carry with you and not look like a total flamer. Supre also makes a variety of tanning lotions that are awesome. Usually when I see those guys around campus or out somewhere putting lotion on there hands it’s usually a little odd. I always thought girls were the only ones who carried bottles of hand / body moisturizer on them. Regardless of that being said if you are a guy, girl or just about anybody that wants SUPER soft, silky skin this is the perfect moisturizer for you! It doesn’t come in a girly bottle or smell flowery. It smells absolutely amazing for any sex. (on first contact..my boyfriend describes it like cotton candy but not as strong haha..then it settles in. So don’t worry I am not suggesting you smell like cotton candy!)

Hempz moisturizer, also known as Hempz herbal moisturizer or Supre hempz lotion (if your looking to buy it online), is the best moisturizing product I have ever used! I am a very frequent tanner and I decided one day to buy one of the after tan lotions and I loved it so much I actually ended up buying a Supre hempz lotion 1 gallon bottle online. Prior to this lotion I never really enjoyed moisturizing. I would only do it if my skin was actually dry, but now I moisturizer after EVERY shower whether I tanned or not.

Hempz lotion makes your skin feel so healthy and alive that you would think you’ve traded your old dry skin in for a new healthier upgrade. This lotion also comes with age defying cream in it as one of it’s ingredients. Not only does the Supre Hempz company make moizturizing lotion but it also makes shampoo, conditioner and tanning lotion.

Once you try the Hempz moisturizer / Hempz lotion you will never go back to your old dry skin or any other moisturizing product. This will change your outlook on those 10 dreadful minutes it takes to put lotion on your body. It will be the highlight of your day and you will enjoy it just as much the next morning …. when your skin is still silky, healthy, moisturized and smelling good as you did when you first put it on.

I highly recommend this product. I have not tried any of the Hempz shampoo or conditioner products so if you have and you would like to comment and let me or others know how it is please feel free. Hempz indoor tanning lotions are also very good if you are a tanner like myself. I believe it comes in tanning bed lotion and outdoor tanning lotion. Please try this product and leave some feedback letting me know if you agree with me on how amazing this company and product line is! =) You won’t be sorry!

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  1. a.r says:

    I use the Hempz Hydrating shampoo & conditioner, the Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer, and the Herbal Moisturizer and these products are the best I’ve ever used. They don’t test on animals, they smell fresh, and leave you feeling even fresher! Definitely the only line of products I’ll ever buy. The shampoo & conditioner are amazing, they leave your hair looking healthy. If you have damaged hair from straight ironing and blowdrying, Hempz nurishes your hair, leaving it silky smooth =)

  2. Sabrina says:

    i cannot get enough of this lotion! i try different lotions all the time and i still haven’t found a better one than this stuff… honestly it is REALLY good moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling awesome, and it smells soo goooood

  3. kelly says:

    this moisturizer is simply amazing. i dont really like that its kinda expensive but it is totally worth the cost. havent found a better lotion yet

  4. Lisa says:

    I love this lotion and so does my husband. It’s the best lotion I have ever used and we both highly recommend it. I haven’t tried the shampoo or conditioner yet but after reading the review a.r. gave I will have to go buy some.

  5. Hannah says:

    This is the best lotion I have ever used I will never use anything ever again very good for after tanning I recommend it to everyone!

  6. felicia says:

    this lotion is amazing ive barley been using it for a week and i could notice the sudden change in my skins texture and feel . this lotion should be highly reccomended for people that want nice soft smooth silky skin and it smells good too just like cotton candy .

  7. Katie says:

    This lotion is like a god of lotions!!! 😀
    I can’t ever go back to using any other kind of lotion! Plus all my friends love it to! It’s been kinda hard to keep it in my house now. Everyone just loves it, guys and girls alike(: Best lotion I have ever had!!!

  8. TanMaster says:

    I agree Katie! This lotion is amazinnnnggg

  9. Emily says:

    I absolutely must have this! My friend uses it and she will only use this! Bet I fall in love too!

  10. patty hopper says:

    i have used Hempz lotion it makes your skin feel so health .i have also use the shampoo it will make your hair health and and it good for hair that is out in the sun a lot .there nothing like getting a good tan and having health hair.so if you tan Hempz MOISTURIZER FOR YOUR SKIN AND HEMPZ SHAMPOO FOR YOUR HAIR IS THE WAY TO GO .Thank you

  11. Jean says:

    This is great lotion! Smells terrific and leaves skin feeling smooth, not greasy.

  12. Gay Foshee says:

    have tried the Hempz moisturizer and loved it.

  13. MM says:

    I use that after I tan at the salon and I love how well it hold my tan and the smell is like candy! Everyone should try it! I sell it to lot’s of my customers at our salon.

  14. amanda says:

    I wanna try this but I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to hemp : ( I first tried ag forever after. It made me itch like crazy. Supre honey dew hemp makes me itch as well and yeah it seems like anything with hemp makes me itch. : ( is there another good after tan moisturizer?

  15. Steve says:

    Hey Amanda – Bummer! 🙁 There are a couple other good ones I know of, one is “Total Immersion” and the other is “Angel”. If you type either of those into our search box you should be able to get prices and more info about them.

  16. Sheila says:

    Can anyone tell me how you are supposed to use this lotion? If I use a bronzed during a tanning session, do I then put this on? Or only use after I shower a few hours later letting the bronzed do it’s thing? Will I streak if I put this on right after I get out of tanning? When do I use this and how!?

  17. steve says:

    Hey Sheila – Use this lotion like you would any other body moisturizer. You would apply this after showering to clean skin. Hempz is an excellent daily skin moisturizer and is especially good for use in between tanning sessions.

  18. abril says:

    I absolutely love the Hempz moisturizer. Its freakin awesome! It keeps ur skin dark for longer when you tan also. Also the Hempz cannabis sativa indoor tanning lotion is the bomb! That stuff gets you super dark! 🙂

  19. Debbie says:

    can this be used on the face also !!!

  20. Brittany says:

    I’ve been using this lotion for 2 years an I love it. I use it all day an especially after tanning. It keeps the tan in for a long time an evens an smooths your skin

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