Swedish Beauty Henna Sent

Swedish Beauty Henna Sent comes in a potion like bottle which fades from green to brown from bottom up. The neck and cover of the bottle are silver. This tanning lotion bottle is nice to look at and designed in a very durable way. In the center of the bottle “henna” is written in bold beige-cream font. Underneath “henna”, “sent” is written in thinner font in green coloring. Slightly above the title is a tribal/leaf like design outlined in a deeper brown color. The tanning lotion bottle radiates earthy tones and has a very unique design. Towards the bottom of the lotion bottle there is some writing which says “Ultra Dark Bronzer Blend with BioBronze Technology”. This is written in a tiny dark brown font. Further down the bottle towards the green half “BOTANICA” is written in thin tall black lettering. Henna Sent was first launched in 2009 and contains BioBronze technology and Intense Bio Blend to create the richest darkest tan possible. These ingredients use henna, botanical extracts and bronze enhancers for ultimate melanin production. The BioBronze agent enhance tan glow, give off immediate results and implement Tyrosinase stimulation. Another important component in this tanning lotion is the agent H2Soy. This product contains honey, soy, and hemp seed oil for the smoothest skin and deepest color. Henna Sent is an excellent tanning lotion that gives off vitamin C and antioxidants. It also is Paraben free, 95% natural and contains the highest most advanced level bronzers. This indoor tanning lotion has a light scent of Amber Delight and comes in an 8.5 oz bottle which retails for $62.00.

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