Millennium Paint It Black 50X Bronzer

Paint It BlackThis indoor tanning lotion is one of the top sellers and provides all the ingredients for an ultra sexy dark tan. This product has a special formula which enables more melanin production by allowing more UV rays to penetrate and get deeper into the skin. This ensures that you will be getting the darkest tan possible. When there is such an intense amount of UV light reaching your skin sometimes there is a tendency for the skin to get dry. This tanning lotion has special ingredients that take care of that problem. Paint it Black 50x Bronzer has a unique combination of items to make sure your skin stays silky smooth, moisturized and far from dry. Silicone technology is implemented to prevent dryness and allows skin to feel sexy and young. One important aspect to note is that this product is NOT a tingle tanning lotion. It glides on smoothly and creates extreme color. Paint it Black also is designed with hemp seed oil, anti-aging formulas, skin firming agents and aloe vera. All of these ingredients combined allow skin to be protected from aging, harm or burn. It is important to have ingredients that protect skin because indoor tanning is dangerous and could do damage to your skin over the long term. Millennium Paint It Black 50X comes in a potion shaped bottle that is black in color. It is made of plastic and the top is round, black and screws on. Towards the left bottom corner of the lotion there is a white skull. Around the middle of the bottle slightly slanted is lettering which says “Paint It Black 50X” in white font. The container gives off a spooky vibe with the black and white colors. It also has some fog like effects throughout. This lotion comes in a 13.5 oz bottle and generally retails for $99.00.

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  1. amber says:

    I have been using Paint it Black for about a month and I am getting amazing results. Deep dark base with soft silky skin, I would highly recomend this product. With other bronzing products i often turn a shade of orange but with this lotion I have obtained a nice brown color with out any orange hue at all

  2. Kandice says:

    I like the scent but it does streak a bit if I use it day after day… especially notice it on my feet. It provides a really nice color tho. I alternate with designer skin’s luminary.

  3. Jeff says:

    I would not suggest it. Bottle looks cool, lotion sucks. You get what you pay for.

  4. Liz says:

    This lotion smells terrible. It has a very musky, stale smell. Provides decent results, but to me, not worth the stink.

  5. Chrissy says:

    ive been tanning for years now and tried all kinds of lotions i bet ive tried at the least 100 different types of lotions but my favorite lotion ever is the Valeur by millennium ..its a tingle lotion which i found works best for me not only does it smell amazing, makes my skin feel softer and give me that tingle feeling i like but its the only lotion ive found so far that gives me the deepest darkest tan ..i have light skin so finding a lotion that makes me dark and keeps me dark has always been an issue til i found this lotion~ plus i tanned in half the time which is a plus as well. i own my own tanning bed so i tan at home and i have an alpha sun bed 24 bulb ….lately ive noticed its harder and hared to find the valeur lotion i wish more companies will carry this lotion 🙂

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