Supre Strapless

Strapless by Supre is a dual bronzer tanning lotion. It provides maximum tanning results by combining DHA and natural, streak free bronzers with a nurturing blend of 9 skin care and conditioning ingredients for deeper color and healthier-looking skin. Its dual bronzers allow skin to further darken up to 12 hours after UV-exposure and can last up to 8 days is properly maintained for smooth, longer-lasting color. Its ingredients include carob extract which boosts the natural tanning process and helps maintain your color for a longer period of tie, caffeine, cocoa and algae extracts to help tone and firm your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Strapless also contains sugar cane and milk thistle extract plus vitamins A, C and E to help promote younger, healthier looking skin. Lastly, its advanced silicone blend contains innovative skin conditioners to lock moisture into the skin, leaving it incredibly smooth, soft and silky. The normal bottle size of this lotion is 10oz and the retail price is $38.50.

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