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California Tan Pure Karma

Pure Karma Tanning Lotion This item is a base tan builder and is best for those trying to get light color quickly. Its best for those who have sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. This is a unique feature in a tanning lotion because not many are hypoallergenic. What this means is that you will go in the tanning bed with great clear skin and come out with the same dazzling appearance. There will be no more break outs during sessions because this lotion has a safety net. California Tan Pure Karma uses Dark Tan blend to concoct a rich color quickly. The Green Tea provides antioxidants which ensure you prevent those fine lines from forming. Wrinkles can easily form when you tan a lot, so it would be wise to stay one step ahead and protect yourself. Ginseng increases color and gives you that super sexy glow you want everyone to see. Hemp Elixir is a unique blend of Hemp Butter and Virgin Hemp Seed Oil which hydrate skin making tanning easier. When skin is moisturized the UV rays can provide darker results because skin will be able to absorb the light better. Biosaccharide Complex is one of my absolute favorite ingredients because it ensures that you don’t emit any odors after tanning. In other words this product makes sure you don’t smell immediately after the UV exposure experience and thus allows you to continue on your day without needing to shower. Although we recommend a quick rinse, if you’re in a rush this is a great feature to have. Vitatan 2000 is a new edition to the ingredients lotions usually implement. It focuses on giving you lots of essential minerals to maintain your skins appearance and tan. This feature is awesome because UV exposure is not necessarily healthy for your skin. We seem to forget that tanning can damage your skin if it is not properly protected. It uses energy and antioxidants to increase the speed of achieving your tan. This hot commodity has all that and more. If you’re looking for a great base tan builder then I think you’ve found your match. California Tan Pure Karma comes in a uniquely shaped bottle. It is yellow, pink, green and white in color. In the center “Pure” is written in small pink font followed by “Karma” in yellow much larger font. “CALIFORNIA TAN” is written at the bottom in white font. The cap is plastic, silver and pops open. Generally very fun looking exterior to a very intense product. This item is available in a 10 oz bottle which retails for $28.00 and it has a White Tea smell.

Designer Skin Made For Love

Made For Love Tanning LotionMade For Love gives off a very feminine vibe but can be used by any sex. This product features Affectionate Quadruple Bronzer formula which includes Black Tea Extracts to achieve optimal color. The quadruple bronzer is a key ingredient in this blend because it gives us 5x the darkness. Yet when this item is mixed with the black tea extract it is unstoppable. Results will be swift, even and super dark. One great reason people love this new 2010 tanning lotion, is because it is 98% hypoallergenic. This means that it will not irritate you and is ok for sensitive skin. A lot of indoor tanning lotions don’t have this feature which is why this lotion is an excellent choice. No more tanning and having break outs. Now you can tan all you want and have your skin be protected and look just as clear as it did before the UV exposure. Designer Skin Made for Love also uses Aloe Vera in the formula. This makes sure that your skin is hydrated, moisturized and smooth. A lot of the time after intense UV exposure, skin can feel dry and damaged, but with the aloe vera implement into this tanning lotion, that can be avoided. This is also considered a Paraben-Free product which again is great for those that are sensitive to certain items. Designer Skin Made for Love comes in a potion shaped bottle. It has a unique design which is pleasant to look at. The bottle is covered in hot pink, black and purple colors. There is a yellow heart in the middle with “made for love” written in thick bubbly black font across it. “Affectionate Quadruple Bronzer, Hypoallergenic, Genuine Scent/Paraben Free” is written toward the bottom in small white font outlined in black. “DESIGNER SKIN” is written in hot pink at the very bottom of the container. It also has a silver plastic screw on top which has ridges for better gripping. This lotion has a Natural Fruit Essence scent and comes in a 13.5 oz bottle. It retails for $57.00 and most salons sell it for that much.

Devoted Creations Retro Couture

Retro CoutureDevoted Creations Retro Couture comes in a burgundy plastic tanning lotion bottle. There are stripes of burgundy and a lighter maroon red alternating vertically down the bottle. In the center of the tanning lotion is a black textured mid section where “Retro” followed by “Couture” is written in a metallic grey/white color. The font is simple, bold and bubble. The title is followed by “Hypoallergenic / Anti-aging Tanning Lotion” in the same font, color and style in a smaller font size. Towards the middle of the bottle back where the burgundy and maroon red stripes are “Skin Rejuvenation with Acai, Pomegranate & Tea Tree Oil” is written in a white, small, simple font. At the very bottom of the bottle “devoted creations” is written. The cover is plastic, silver and screws on. Retro Couture contains a great skin detoxifying formula which uses the acai, pomegranate and tea tree oils to protect skin from outside agents and damaging UV rays. This indoor tanning lotion also provides anti-aging mediums which prevents wrinkles and help maintain skin firmness and tone. Devoted Creations Retro Couture also utilizes Ginseng to help fight off those fine lines that also give an aging effect. This tanning lotion is excellent if you want to protect, prevent and moisturize your skin while getting color. This is an excellent lotion for those who have sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic and is available in a 12.25 oz bottle which retails for $55.00.