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Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond

Pink DiamondPink Diamond by Swedish Beauty is the perfect gentle tingle and bronzing formula for serious tanners. This tanning lotion contains Swedish Beauty’s Tingleplex 2 Tingle and Reddening Factor which provides an immediate after-tan glow that allows tanners to feel and see their tan working immediately. Be sure to test this lotion on a small area on your body before applying it all over – some people find the tingle factor a bit intense. Pink Diamond also contains a natural bronzing extracts blend of botanical ingredients that provide immediate bronzed color. To really top it off it also features a Firmtone blend which is an anti-wrinkle, firming and slimming complex designed to visibly firm and contour the skin. Out of all the tanning lotion reviews we post this lotion is in our top 10. This tanning bed lotion had a gentle green citrus fragrance and the retail price is $30.00. Normal bottle size is 8.5oz.

Swedish Beauty Be Loved

Be Loved Tanning Lotion Swedish Beauty Be Loved is on the new 2011 tanning lotion list. It has an Advanced Bronzing System that focuses on achieving an even, streak-free dark tan. MelaDark Blend incorporates Golden Chanterelles and Truffle Tyrosinase to boost melanin production. This is a great feature because when melanin is increased a rich golden tan is easy to get in a short amount of time. It also assists in ensuring color is even all throughout your body as well. Be-Beautiful Blend is responsible for restoring youth and firmness to the skin. It uses Milk Thistle, Nordic Orange and Magnolia Bark to make skin taut and revive radiance and life to it. Baltic Hydrogel is the moisturizing ingredient implemented within this tanning lotion. It improves skin elasticity and nourishes it by giving it doses of intense hydration. This is important because skin dries out quickly, looks rough, wrinkly and old when not taken care of during and after UV exposure. Doing whatever you can to prevent this would be an essential step. Swedish Beauty Be Loved comes in a plastic upside-down bottle. Its exterior is mostly silver with hints of orange-yellow. There are light orange butterflies flowing throughout the top half of the lotion and “Be Loved” is written in silver script towards the bottom. The cap is located on the bottom of the bottle and made of plastic, is silver and flips open and closed. It has a butterfly kisses scent and comes in an 8.5 oz container. It retails for $70.00.

Swedish Beauty Be Desired

Be Desired Tanning Lotion Swedish Beauty Be Desired is a hot new item for 2011 and has top notch ingredients such as MelaDark Blend, Be-Beautiful Blend and Baltic Hydrogel. The MelaDark Blend uses Golden Chanterelles and Truffle Tyrosinase as its key components to ensure an even tan all over. This item increases melanin production which in turn allows you to achieve a deep golden hue in minimal time. Your tan will not only be dark and luscious but it will still look natural. Be-Beautiful Blend focuses on restoring skin to its natural radiant glowing. It also reverses any harmful damage caused by UV rays such as fine lines and wrinkles. This lotion makes skin look youthful, taut and firm again. Baltic Hydrogel is an essential agent because it supplies moisture to the skin. This product provides intense hydration and improves skin elasticity. It is important to constantly keep skin moisturized because it allows for better tanning results and nourishes dry skin. Swedish Beauty Be Desired comes in a plastic upside-down tube. It is silver and green in color. “Be Desired” is written in silver script font in the center of the bottle. At the bottom of the product there is a silver, plastic cap which flips open and closed. This hot commodity has an adored from afar smell and comes in an 8.5 oz bottle. It retails for $62.00.

Swedish Beauty Be Bold

Be Bold Tanning LotionSwedish Beauty Be Bold is a new 2011 tingle tanning lotion. It is considered a T3 tingle serum. It has five key ingredients which are Beginning Tingle T10, Bronzing Blend, MelaDark Blend, Be-Beautiful Blend and Baltic Hydrogel. The Beginning Tingle T10 is a serious tingle agent. This component usually creates a tingling or sometimes irritating sensation throughout your body when you tan. Some people enjoy it while others do not. This type of lotion doesn’t show immediate brown but rather creates intense redness first. After the redness settles you will see super dark results. One of the features of a tingle lotion is that you can shower immediately after you tan unlike bronzers where it is recommended that you wait a few hours for optimal results. This product is also great for getting color on those difficult to tan areas such as legs, underarms, neck and etc. The Bronzing Blend consists of banana and black walnut extract. These items help promote rich dark hues that are unbelievable. MelaDark Blend is a component which increases melanin production which in turn enables you to get the most color possible in minimal time. This agent is also responsible for ensuring skin gets an even tone. Golden Chanterelles and Truffle Tyrosinase are two key ingredients used in the MelaDark Blend. Be-Beautiful Blend is a combination of Magnolia Bark, Nordic Orange and Milk Thistle. It focuses on certifying that skin is firm and taut while at the same time giving it that superb even and radiant glow. Baltic Hydrogel increases elasticity in the skin and ensures intense hydration. A key feature to have in a tanning lotion because of the damage UV rays can cause. Swedish Beauty Be Bold comes in a plastic upside-down tube. Its exterior is hot pink and silver. This product has a silver plastic cap on the bottom that flips open and closed. “Be Bold” is written in silver script in the center of the item. It has a midnight rendezvous scent and comes in an 8.5 oz bottle. It retails for $60.00.

Swedish Beauty Irresistible Beauty

Irresistible Beauty Tanning LotionSwedish Beauty Irresistible Beauty is a brand new 2011 tanning lotion. It has various components which include Ultra Extreme Bronzers, PhytoDark Marine Blend, Glacial Water, Skinmimics Age-Defying Blend and Swedish Marine Ingredients. Ultra Extreme Bronzers are a unique multi-layer bronzing technology which works hand in hand with a new DHA system. When these two items are combined in one lotion the possibilities are endless. If you want to achieve the best island tan you’ve ever had this is defiantly the product which will get you there. Glacial Water is a special new agent which I haven’t seen used very often in past tanning products. It uses untouched water from glaciers from altitudes as high as 1800 meters to provide 24-hour intense hydration. Skinmimics Age-Defying Blend is responsible for using skin like lipids and collagen enhancers to increase youthful appearance and decrease aging seen from over exposure such as wrinkles and fine lines. Swedish Marine Ingredients are a combination of Seaweed and Sea Minerals collected from the depths of the North Sea. These items focus on protecting against dehydration and ensuring skin is moisturized at all times. Swedish Beauty Irresistible Beauty comes in a curved plastic bottle. It is mostly a shiny silver color but has touches of blue, teal and red as well. “Irresistible” is written vertically in silver script writing followed by “beauty” in the same style font but smaller. The cap is a clear, plastic and pops on and off. You can see the tanning lotion pump through the cap. This product has an undeniable love smell and comes in a 10.0 oz bottle. It retails for $100.00.

Swedish Beauty Dark Innocence

Dark InnocenceDark Innocence contains triple bronzers which allow for the ultimate darkest tan possible. These bronzers continue to give off color even after UV exposure and most bronzer tanning lotions should be kept on from 2-5 hours after tanning for maximum results. This lotion also consists of a product called BioTanning. BioTanning is used to enhance color and works side by side with the bronzers. These two products delay full color until later for an extravagantly dark reveal. Dark Innocence is a fragrance free indoor tanning lotion. This is great for those who have sensitive skin and problem breakouts. Since this tanning lotion is fragrance free some wonder how it maintains a fresh scent if you should wait a few hours before showering. Well, this special concoction of ingredients also includes TanFresh technology. This is a newly innovative blend of agents helps prevent any after tan odors, so you can stay smelling fresh! Dark Innocence has one last touch of something called Beauty Blend. This agent includes oils, hydrants, moisturizers, aloe and panthernol to keep your skin in smooth, firm, tip top shape! This last combination is very important as tanning takes a lot of your skins oils and hydrants out from the UV lamps. Swedish Beauty Dark Innocence comes in a upside-down plastic bottle where the top is on the bottom. The bottle stands on a silver screw on top and is purple. In the center of the tanning lotion “Dark” is written in fading pink to white bold font and underneath “innocence” is written in the same font with white lettering. In the background of the title is what seems to be flames or some sort of design that looks like flames or tribal print. The print is a pinkish- red color and it is located on the right side of the tanning bottle. Underneath the flames is a cloud of light purple smoke. Towards the bottom of the bottle the typical “Swedish Beauty” insignia is written in script-like yellow bold font. Dark Innocence is a wonderful bronzer for those moderate level tanners and is available in a 8.5 oz bottle which retails for $50.

Swedish Beauty Bronze Voyage

Bronze VoyageThis bronzer creates a sexy, seductive smoky tan. Bronze Voyage is a simple natural Bronzing Accelerator. This technology allows for the deepest darkest tan in the shortest amount of time. Swedish Beauty is a very well known brand for indoor tanning lotions and produces the maximum results. Bronze Voyage tanning lotion also contains Skin Softeners which are pretty self explanatory. These agents are used to moisturize and maintain skin revitalization. The skin softeners also include TRF which are Tissue Respiratory Factors that basically are powerful agent that moisturizes. Swedish Beauty’s Bronze Voyage has one of my favorite factors implemented into its ingredients which are Anti-Wrinkle agent. The anti-wrinkle agent speaks for itself as it promotes healthy skin, glow, firmness, tightness and prevents wrinkles. This tanning lotion is on the cheaper side and better for beginner to moderate tanners. Swedish Beauty Bronze Voyage was launched in 2009. It comes in a typical tanning lotion shaped plastic bottle. The bottle is black with a simple design. In the top center “BRONZE” is written in a flowy thin orange-yellow font followed by “VOYAGE” in the same writing underneath. Under the title of the tanning lotion is a sun-like design in orange-yellow coloring. The colors used generally resemble a sunset. “Swedish Beauty” is written in the center towards the bottom of the bottle in a script-like yellow bold font. The cap screws off and is simple, black and plastic. The tanning lotion bottle is very sleek and mysterious. This product has a light sunset fragrance and is sold in an 8.5 oz bottle which retails for $20.00.

Swedish Beauty Henna Sent

Swedish Beauty Henna Sent comes in a potion like bottle which fades from green to brown from bottom up. The neck and cover of the bottle are silver. This tanning lotion bottle is nice to look at and designed in a very durable way. In the center of the bottle “henna” is written in bold beige-cream font. Underneath “henna”, “sent” is written in thinner font in green coloring. Slightly above the title is a tribal/leaf like design outlined in a deeper brown color. The tanning lotion bottle radiates earthy tones and has a very unique design. Towards the bottom of the lotion bottle there is some writing which says “Ultra Dark Bronzer Blend with BioBronze Technology”. This is written in a tiny dark brown font. Further down the bottle towards the green half “BOTANICA” is written in thin tall black lettering. Henna Sent was first launched in 2009 and contains BioBronze technology and Intense Bio Blend to create the richest darkest tan possible. These ingredients use henna, botanical extracts and bronze enhancers for ultimate melanin production. The BioBronze agent enhance tan glow, give off immediate results and implement Tyrosinase stimulation. Another important component in this tanning lotion is the agent H2Soy. This product contains honey, soy, and hemp seed oil for the smoothest skin and deepest color. Henna Sent is an excellent tanning lotion that gives off vitamin C and antioxidants. It also is Paraben free, 95% natural and contains the highest most advanced level bronzers. This indoor tanning lotion has a light scent of Amber Delight and comes in an 8.5 oz bottle which retails for $62.00.

Swedish Beauty Soy Dark

Swedish Beauty Soy Dark comes in a bottle exactly alike in shape as the “Henna Sent” tanning lotion. It is a potion like shaped bottle which seems to be made of a durable thick glass material. (which is quite different from the usual plastic bottle container) The bottle has a silver neck and top that pops off. The bottle fades in color from yellow to purple from bottom up. In the center of the tanning lotion “soy” is written in bold bubbly white font. Underneath that “dark” is written in a smaller bold bubbly black font. Slightly above it and to the right side is a floral like design in a darker purple color. The bottles exterior is very pleasant to look at and is generally pretty girly but can be enjoyed by men too. Underneath the title, in small dark purple writing “Ultra Dark Tanning Intensifier with BioBronzer Technology” is written. This writing is a mildly difficult to see as it blends in with the already purple background of the bottle. Towards the bottom green half of the tanning lotion “BOTANICAL” is written in a grayish, thin, tall bold font. This indoor tanning lotion was first introduced in 2009 and has a rich glowing tan enhancer which stimulates tyrosine. Tyrosine is an agent in the body that helps increase me melanin production and gives off immediate color. Soy Dark also has H2Soy factors which is a powerhouse for hemp seed oil, honey and soy. All these above ingredients are important because they keep your skin healthy, young, moisturized and silky smooth. Soy Dark indoor tanning lotion gives off the ultimate darkest and richest color possible and also contains aloe, vitamin C and several antioxidants. This tanning lotion is Paraben free, 95% natural and smells like fresh morning dew. It is available in an 8.5 oz bottle which retails for $57.00.

Swedish Beauty Pure Brilliance

Swedish Beauty Pure Brilliance comes in a cylinder white bottle. It is durable and elegant in appearance. There is a designed implemented on the top and the bottom of the bottle in silver. It is unique and pleasant to look at. It reminds me of Grecian god and goddess colors. “Swedish Beauty” is written in small script silver font at the top of the bottle. “Pure Brilliance” is followed in the center in larger plain font. The cap of the bottle is plastic, pops on and off and has a hieroglyphic like design. This indoor tanning lotion has Melanin Activating Peptides which focus on increasing melanin production. This will stimulate skin cells and prepare them for UV exposure to produce a natural color. Light Diffusing Spheres are also present to increase pigmentation. Light will reflect off skin to produce a dark, evenly distributed natural glow. Pure Brilliance is an excellent tanning lotion choice because it has all the newest ingredients blended in to achieve the best results. It has a unique dark tanning system which ensures a magnificent luminous color while focusing on maintaining skin texture and health at the same time. It has Cashmir Silk Silicone Intensifier and Pear Extract to deliver a radiant, velvety soft tan. Skin will be rich in nutrients, silky soft and youthful in appearance. A golden glow will be established that no other tanning lotion can produce in the time allotted. You will not be disappointed and will constantly be receiving compliments not only on your tan but also your skin. UV rays damage skin causing dryness and faster aging, but the newest lotions focus on reversing these effects. This product has a fun glitter effect and a rain blossom scent. It comes in an 8.5 oz bottle and retails for $87.00. This item might seem pricy but is worth every penny. Your skin will be glowing and plump with youthfulness and radiate an opulent dark tan.

Swedish Beauty Chocolate Diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and chocolate soothes the soul, but nothing is more invigorating than a luxuriously dark tan. Chocolate Diamond™ lotion is a delicious combination of bronzers for rich, long-lasting color and Vitamin E to moisturize and smooth your skin. Triple Bronzing System – Three vigorous bronzers for dark, longer-lasting color PLUS immediate color that lasts up to 8 days. Vitamin E helps moisturize, rejuvenate and improve your skin’s ability to achieve darker, longer lasting color. Normal bottle size is 8.5oz and retail price is $30.00.

Swedish Beauty Chocolate Temptation

Immediate bronzer with natural bronzing extracts provide immediate dark results that last 1-2 days. Contains THC, drug-free hemp seed extract packed with potent hydrating power, one of nature’s greatest moisturizers. Also contains Purisoft® Peptide from Moringa Seeds, a native healer, moringa seeds purify and protect skin from free radicals. Sea minerals recharge skin cells to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Normal bottle size of this tanning lotion is 8.5oz and retail price is $36.00.

Swedish Beauty Amaretto

Amaretto by Swedish Beauty is an advanced dark tanning system with Triple Bronzer and SHIMMER. Surrender your body to the intense browning experience of bronzers adorned with shimmer. Rich instant dark blend plus D.H.A. for dark color that lasts 4-7 days. CellMoist™ complex aids application of lotion to the skin. Enriched with vitamins, nutrients, and moisturizers. Normal bottle size is 8.5oz and retail price is $40.00.

Swedish Beauty Chocolate Indulgence

Chocolate Indulgence by Swedish Beauty is a premium dark tanning lotion with fourth dimension bronzers. These four intense bronzers provide a darker, longer-lasting tan plus immediate color that can last up to 7 days if well maintained. Its formula also contains silk amino acids, a luxurious firming and tightening blend, and sea silk & peach leaf extract for ultimate skin conditioning. This tanning lotion also contains vitamin E which is responsible for enhance moisture retention by your skin. The normal bottle size for this lotion is 8.5oz and the retail price is $64.00.

Swedish Beauty Simply Divine

Simply Divine by Swedish Beauty is a fifth dimension bronzing system with a three way anti-aging and slimming blend. This tanning lotion contains natural bronzing extracts, botanical ingredients that provide immediate bronzed color, and a bronzing complex with DHA-based ingredients that produce a delayed, natural looking color that is fully noticeable within 12-24 hours. It also contains Swedish Beauty’s Biotanning complex, a revolutionary new melanin booster for dark color that lasts 5-8 days, and hemp seed extract which is moisture-rich and a remarkable natural delivery system of other important ingredients. Simply Divine is also made with a Lipocare blend which is an anti-aging, firming and slimming complex designed to visibly firm and contour the skin. The cleverly infused cooling ingredient provides a cooling sensation during and after your tanning session. This lotion gives off the aroma of green tea, rose and papaya, the normal bottle size is 8.5oz and the retail price is $72.00.